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Palm Outdoor Australia

Palm Outdoor Australia is an Australian owned and operated designer and manufacturer of unbreakable drink and tableware products and of precision plastic automotive and building parts. Palm’s consumer products are sold in Australia and in over 30 countries worldwide. The company is the largest supplier of unbreakable drinkware in Australia.
All products are made at their facility in Melbourne, Australia. The company only market products that make.

The winning of a Red Dot Award (Germany) for Marc Newson range of drinkware in 2014, Sorona® Plate and Bowl Collection in 2016 and the Good Design Award (Chicago, USA) for the Caffe Cup in 2018 is a significant achievement that has led to commercial success and sales worldwide – these awards set Palm apart.

Palm Tooling was founded by a tool-maker, Jack Sullivan, in the 1960s as a specialist die-making business to which was added moulding machines to become Palm Plastics. Robert Wilson purchased the business in the late ’80s, after a corporate career in engineering and with senior roles in sales, marketing and general management.

And so began the transformation of the business to one that has embraced the best technology and systems and the Toyota production method with its emphasis on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. Robert’s experience in consumer marketing instilled in him a customer-centric attitude that demands the end-user’s needs are addressed in every product. Fit for purpose design is a mandate of all product research and development. All employees are valued equally within the business, and decisions are made in concert with those directly affected. As a result, the staff place a high value on their role within the company and the quality of the products.

Beautiful design and beautiful performance are central to Palm Products’ strategic vision. Most of the products are Guaranteed Unbreakable Forever and so are Reuseable Forever. Palm is the first and still only company giving this guarantee (to our knowledge). All products are 100% recyclable.


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