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Flying Fish


Architect, interior designer, decorator - Lives and works in Moscow. Member of the Union of Designers and Architects of Russia. Winner of several architectural competitions and design awards. For more than 20 years created home interiors, designing furniture and created interior items for different brands. In 2019, she started a collaboration with L’Antica Deruta and the result Is this new beautiful the collection that we are happy to present to the market.

"... My inspiration came from a trip to Shantarsky islands, in the north of the Sea of Okhotsk: after close contact with whales, primitive, gigantic and majestic, animals, free in their habitat, far from civilizations... watching them splashing in huge numbers and clapping their 8-meter tails, They were literary flying out of water".
Natasha Shevchenko, designer


The Flying Fish style interior reflects everything: nature, freedom and art. In these fabulous fish flying out of sea nets, one can see a person's desire to run to freedom, overcoming all stereotypes and conventions. The flying fish is a reminder that everything impossible is possible and a dream can always come true.
The Flying Fish collection was born in August 2018. In collaboration with well-known Italian brands, designer Natasha Shevchenko has released a collection that includes: ceramic tiles, lamps, bathroom sinks. A collection of decorative coatings and heated towel rails of the same name was also released. In 2019, the premiere of the Flying Fish collection interior textiles and ceramic tableware took place together with an Italian factory.



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