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Over the years, the company developed a wide range of products in various fields, specializing in the following markets: Yachting, First Aid, Personal protective equipment. In 2015, the company has 15 employees and annual sales of around € 2 million. The company CERTEC is known today and recognized in markets where it is positioned with a 100% French manufacturing quality, but remains positioned in niche markets. Indeed, given the prices of imported products, impossible to resist. CERTEC is so positioned differently or goes on short manufacturing with high added value products. CERTEC entered into industrial-strength, and this is its technology and human scale that will make it go all crises.


It was in 1982 that the CERTEC company, created by Pierre JARICOT, born near Lyon. The company CERTEC was, in the beginning, a consulting firm specializing in the design of special machines for handling and lifting. In 1989, the company started into high-frequency welding (welding techniques PVC coated fabric) and quickly specialized in the design and manufacture of airtight products. Over the years the company develops a wide range of products in various markets (see the presentation of the company). Now, the company has nearly 15 employees and an annual turnover of around 2 million euros. The company, thanks to its integrated design office and mastery of production from material to finished products, is specialized in the creation and manufacturing of high-quality products. The CERTEC company is today known on its markets with a 100% French manufacturing quality.



Manufacturing of inflatable lifejackets, inflatable buoys for sports activities on the water, inflatable fenders for boats, lifting equipment underwater and other products for diving. Note the prestigious projects such as the 2004 Athens Olympic Games or America's Cup in Valencia.

First Aid

Manufacturing of vacuum equipment for immobilization and evacuation, with vacuum mattresses, splints, hyperbaric chambers for mountain etc. CERTEC provided many firefighters and rescuers service (nearly 40 French departments) with this vacuum equipment…

Personal protective equipment

Manufacturing of products for the protection of people and sites as part of the work, including with tarpaulins, reservoirs, inflatable dams, professional use lifejackets

Made-to-measures products

With its expertise, the company responds to any custom application in the realization of inflatable products. It is the activity "sourcing" of the company as special cases arise tomorrow's markets for CERTEC.


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