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Advanced Elements


The goal at Advanced Elements is to develop new and unique paddle sports products that enhance the customers’ outdoor experience. The focus is on designing and manufacturing “Inflatable kayaks with cutting edge technology” and providing excellent customer service. The company is deep-rooted in product development with patented technology, striving to develop inflatable kayaks, iSUPs, and paddle sports accessories that excel in performance, quality, and portability. All of their products have been designed to give paddlers the tools they need at the value that they deserve.

Beginning over 15 years ago in California, Advanced Elements was started by two inventors with the desire to bring to market a new type of Inflatable Kayak; A “hybrid” of inflatable and rigid components that performs like a rigid kayak, but is portable, lightweight, and affordable. Today, the company offers more than 100 different products to customers worldwide. They continue to push the innovation and evolution of the inflatable kayak and SUP with new patented designs that utilize unique combinations of materials and components. Their products are the very best combination of quality, performance, and price in the world.

Advanced Elements kayaks are built using multi-layer construction, to deliver unsurpassed durability and multiple air chambers for optimum safety and rigidity. The unique designs, combined with the best materials, offer high performance in a portable package. The AdvancedFrame® and StraitEdge™ line of kayaks incorporate the patented Aluminum Rib Frame Technology in the bow and stern. This provides increased paddling and tracking performance, unlike any other inflatable kayak. The bow slices through the water, while the stern acts like a skeg, providing trackability that rivals hard-shell kayaks.



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