Ewincher electric winch handle with its battery, charger, inverter, winch handle pocket and its bag.

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Electric winch handle Ewincher

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The first genuine electric winch handle. Ewincher is a power-assisted handle that makes winching much easier. It's designed to perfectly assist sailing manoeuvres without altering your natural movements. Increase your power and speed with very limited effort while maintaining an ideal position. Ewincher is a very powerful cruising tool and can operate any boat with one battery up to 45 foot. For boats of 45 foot and above we advise a spare battery. With one battery on a Dufour 405, you can lift the mainsail 3 times and then tacks 30 times. The battery can be charged onboard or on the main in 1h30. Ewincher electric winch handle with its battery, charger, inverter, winch handle pocket and its bag.

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€ 1 973

Ewincher, an electric winch handle designed for you and your enjoyment:

One of the main difficulties for the skipper and crew is the sheer strength that sailing manoeuvres require: hoisting the mainsail, adjusting the genoa, trimming the sails, stowing the genoa. This difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that crew members are rarely well-positioned relative to the winch/handle set.

The electric winch handles Ewincher is designed to perfectly assist sailing manoeuvres without altering your natural movements. You’ll gain power and speed while remaining in an ideal position, without exerting any effort.

It’s waterproof, lightweight, locks into the winch and has an ergonomic design: all the controls are at your fingertips. With its standard size, it adapts to all deck layouts. Ewincher can truly be used right out of the box.

Thanks to its battery and high-performance motor, you can head out all day without a problem allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasures of sailing.


  • 3 operating modes: electric mode, manual mode, combined mode.
  • Two speeds of the winch + variable speed: Use the two speeds of your winch by simply reversing Ewincher’s rotation and precisely control your manoeuver with Ewincher’s variable speed (from 15 up to 85 rpm with motor up to 145 rpm in combine mode).
  • Powerful: torque of 80Nm (32kg on the grip), 400 electric Watts.
  • Removable 24V li-ion battery: gives you at least 1 day of cruising (for boats up to 45 feet). Charging time: 1h30 with 12V or 220V (charger and inverter included).
  • Torque limiter: safely set up a torque limit to avoid any risk of damaging your boat or injuring yourself.
  • Suits all boats up to 55 feet, no installation needed, plug and play solution.
  • Easy to handle: low weight (2.2kg), features a locking system into the winch. Delivered with a custom made winch handle pocket.
  • Waterproof for ocean sprays and rainfalls: IPX6 certified.

    Presentation of the electric winch handle:

    Winching on a sailing boat is physically demanding when a sail has to be hoisted or hauled in the wind. Moreover, to make those efforts, we are seldom well placed in front of the winch/handle. The electric Ewincher handle has been created in order to help the sailors to accomplish all their sail manoeuvres.

    Our handle is made in Bormes-Les-Mimosas. Ewincher, the 1st genuine connected electric winch handle “made in France”, has been developed by working with French companies.

    Use of the electric winch handle:

    It can be used in assisted mode (the electric “brushless” motor significantly limits the efforts to provide) and in manual mode as a standard winch handle. It also offers the possibility to use simultaneously the power-assistance of the winch handle combined with a rotation applied by the crewmate in order to increase the rotation speed & quickly manoeuvre your sailing boat quickly.

    Ewincher is an electric winch handle especially developed to stick to sailing habits and keep sailing sensations intact. It’s the only electric winch equipped with a blocking system on the winch, that you can also use manually as a standard winch handle. It’s only 2.2 KG weight and is easily manipulable even when the boat is listing!

    Its waterproofness IXP6 certified protects it from water whatever the conditions.

    Its brushless motor brings the Ewincher connected winch handle a power-assistance with a powerful couple of 80Nm (32KG of traction on the handle) and a rotation speed going from 15 to 80 turns per minute. This enables us to make fine settlings and to haul rapidly depending on the manoeuvre done.

    In order to prevent all risk of breakage or injury, you can configure Ewincher via a Bluetooth app to define the maximum couple to make. A technologic innovation that only our electric winch handle is equipped with.


    Please allow 3-5 business days for preparing the order to ship. Due to the current situation, some shipments and deliveries may be delayed for a few days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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