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Swii Electronic Kickboard

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Ride the Fun. Swii takes you on a lifelong water journey. For those new to the water and swimming beginners, it is a friendly companion to explore the fun and pleasure to be had in the water. Boost the interaction between family members and make water games more fun and appealing. Fantastic training aid to help beginners overcome fear, facilitate kicking drills, and master balance in the water. The Swii has industrial-grade machine sealing technology and exclusive battery waterproofing patent. Rated to hold up to 100kg,good for the entire family. Sublue products have been recognized by the CES Innovation Awards, accredited and presented by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), for their performance and design.

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Coral red
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Sunrise orange
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A reliable and effective aid for swimming training
A qualifying training aid helps swimming novices to overcome fear, facilitate kick drills, and keep balance in the water.

Double the family fun
Increasing interaction among family members and enhance enjoyment of water games.

Highly Buoyant
Swii allows people of all ages to swim freely. Weight capacity: 100 kg (220.5 lb).

Easy to Use
Rest your chest on top of the Swii;
Keep pressing the buttons on both sides to enable Swii.

2 Gears Speed Switch
Switch the speed between 0.6 m/s and 1 m/s effortlessly.
Low-speed gear facilitates novices at swimming to learn, and high-speed gear allows swimmers to explore.

Patented Technology
Emergency motor on Swii’s innovative built-in dual motors will be triggered and stop in 0.2 seconds.
Industry-leading sealing and waterproofing technology provide removable battery.

Award-Winning Design
Swii’s smooth round body makes it as steady as a “roly-poly toy” in the water.
The shape of Swii keeps an individual’s balance in the waves.

Stylish, eye-catching design
The smooth round body strikes a perfect balance between the effects of gravity and buoyancy, making Swii a "tumbler in the water" while also being stable against wave flows. Stand out in the water!
Ergonomic design for relaxing comfort
The curved front end makes users keep their heads upright by instinct while leaning on the kickboard avoids the impact of incoming water flow.
SublueGo Control APP
Child safety lock; Change speed modes;
Personalize indicator light settings; Enable self-cleaning.
Specification Swii Electronic Kickboard
Material EVA Material Maximum
Dimension L550xW375xH135mm/L121.65''xW4.76''xH5.3''  
Host Weight 3800g (8.37 lb)  
Color Sunrise Orange, Mint Green, Coral Red  
Battery 98wh 158wh
Weight 4550g 4900g
High  speed 1m/s (2.24 mph)  
Low speed 0.6m/s (1.34 mph)  
Battery capacity  6600 mah 10670 mah
Battery weight 750g (1.65 lb) 1100g (2.42 lb)
Battery life 30min 45min
Charging hours 2.5 hours 3.5 hours
led indicator multi color breathing light  
Working temperature 0-35 degree  
Charger input voltage 100-240v,1.8A,50/60HZ  
Charger output voltage 16.8v,3.3A  
Charging indicator green light(full)  
Motor rated voltage 14.8v  
Motor power 230w  
Motor ranking 3800RPM  
Age 6++  
  • The rated speed will be affected by the weight, such as user’s equipment, water conditions, and
  • Battery life is for reference and based on product test data. It is the average value of the maximum time that the user can operate the scooter according to general usage (discontinuous operation) when the battery is fully
  • 158Wh lithium battery is an upgrade option for
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and wear appropriate safety equipment while using the


Included in package:

1* charging socket
1* power cord
1* battery
3* publication


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