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Fun Air Sea Pools

Fun Air
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FunAir inflatable sea pools are a safe and comfortable way to enjoy swimming out in the ocean during your superyacht experience. The pools provide protection from jellyfish and sea critters with tightly woven netting and provide an enclosed area to prevent charter guests from floating away in the current. FunAir offers a variety of pool configurations to fit the back of your swim platform or alongside your yacht. Sea Pool is a traditional netted pool with a drop-stitch decking surround. All top surfaces are covered with a proprietary nonskid surface. 
3 different sizes.

€ 7 180
€ 5 837
3 x 3.5 m swim area
€ 5 837
4 x 6 m swim area
€ 10 819
5 x 5 m swim area
€ 6 953

FunAir’s Beach Club Sea Pools created as a comfortable way for guests to enjoy swimming in the ocean during their superyacht experience, with an extended deck area, ergonomic Wave Loungers for sunbathing and FunAir’s SeaStairs to make it easy for guests to get in and out of the water. There is a tightly woven barrier which could surround the pool to help keep jellyfish and sea critters out, and the enclosed area prevents guests and children from floating too far away in the current.

It fits for families because the children can be contained in the pool area and, if the yacht was to swing on anchor, they will stay within the confines of the yacht.

With a variety of configurations, the sea pool can be fitted to the back of any yacht’s swim platform or alongside the yacht. Adding the SeaStairs can help guests getting in and out of the water and all pools come with swimmer-assist grab handles and ropes and, of course, a FunAir electric pump. The inflation process as extremely efficient, taking less than five minutes from the anchor dropping to the pool being out and ready to use.

FunAir pool fillers can create a usable lounging space on the deck and prevent guests from falling into an empty pool, and they often supply splash pools for the little ones that can be placed directly on the yacht’s deck. All sea pools come with swimmer assist grab handles and ropes. Each Sea Pool includes a FunAir electric pump.

Material Specifications
Drop Stitch or 0.9mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 12 oz. - 1000 denier baffling, 316 stainless steel hardware, non-slip material, hot-air welded seams, no-rot netting

Sizes and weights vary depending on the design and materials selected for your inflatable pool. The size, colour and design could fully be customised, please contact our assistants. Typical sea pools are 5Mx5M. Fun Air provides pool and packed dimensions so you best understand how to store your product. The typical surround is 68 cm wide on three sides and 127cm against the boat. Skinny Deck is 50cm.

Setup Time
Set-Up times vary but typical pool setup times are under 30 minutes.

What’s included?
• All FunAir pools include industry-leading high-pressure Bravo 2000 two-stage pumps for quick and firm inflation, repair kit, lines, pressure gauge, storage wrap and weight bags.
• FunAir uses adjustable weight bags to secure the shape of the netting. The bags are secured on lines that run on the inside of the netting so that they can be retrieved without entering the water. These reinforced, zippered bags are made to receive (boat provided) soft dive weight. This allows the appropriate amount of weight to be added as needed for the conditions of the day. This also saves considerable amounts on shipping cost as soft dive weights are available locally.


- Add netting to your pool and it will help keep out annoying jellyfish and other sea life so your guests can enjoy swimming in the ocean.

  • Standard - a typically knitted jellyfish netting in black.
  • The second option is a flat woven panel netting (fine mesh) that assist in protecting from the smallest of critters.

Sea Stairs
- Air Fun patented Sea Stairs truly innovate how guests get out of the water onto inflatables. Simply stand up and walk out of the water onto the inflatable. Sea Stairs can be attached to a wide variety of FunAir products.

Product Specs
- FunAir inflatables are thoughtfully designed by Air Fun world-class engineering team and carefully hand-made with the world’s best materials and manufacturing techniques.

Fun Air mission is to create the ultimate custom inflatables that deliver a lifetime of fun and memories which are designed with both yacht crew and owners in mind. FunAir’s goal is to make enjoying inflatable products easier and faster, while also allowing crews to quickly deploy, store and organize their water toys.
All pools are custom made and take approximately 35 days to manufacture.
To order your ideal custom pool please contact our assistants.


Allow 3-5 business days for the order to ship. Due to current situation, some shipments and deliveries may be delayed for a few days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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