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Mooring Spring MK-90

Ref: MPPK90

HYBRID MODEL MK-90 shock absorber for pontoons and Mega Yacht. For Boat from 150 to 900 Ton. Length - 470 mm. Weight Kg. - 5,80. Minimum order 2 pc.

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  • The new patented HYBRID MPPK shock absorber for pontoons and Mega Yacht has been designed in every technical detail to absorb small and large fluctuations caused by sudden situations of bad weather, storm surges and strong perturbations.
  • The group uses the already known patented system for mooring springs MPP/T, present on the nautical market.
  • The new shock nautical Hybrid does not present the welded component.
  • The marine bronze inserts, present in all components and the slip of the tie rods, mechanically calibrated, ensure the lowest noise emissions.
  • The spring is made of highly elastic stainless steel, resistant to extreme conditions, completed by the high- quality elastomer components.
  • Innovative Hybrid shock absorber is resistant to seawater corrosion and rust.

1st Step
The central spring absorbs the small and medium undertow
2nd Step
Central elastomer: increases the cushioning capacity - intervenes in adverse weather conditions
3rd Step
The 4 lateral elastomers intervene in case of strong stress
Anti-friction bushings: 100% guaranteed silent operation. Sidermarine patent.

MK 45 MK 50 MK 50 Special MK 50  Special Flex MK 55 MK 65 MK 90
Length 440 mm Length 440 mm Length 440 mm Length 440 mm Length 470 mm Length 470 mm Length 470 mm
Boat from 6 to 16 t Boat from 16 to 20 t Boat from 20 to 25 t Boat from 25 to 30 t Boat from 30 to 90 t Boat from 90 to 150 t Boat from 150 to 900 t


Patented HYBRID shock absorber has been studied, in every technical detail, to absorb the small and large oscillations caused by sudden situations of bad weather, storm surges and strong disturbances.

Hybrid shock absorbers develop their capabilities in three stages.

The central spring, in stainless steel with very high characteristics, has the function of absorbing the small and medium surf in the ports, considerably lightening the load generated by the same so as not to stress even the bollards, causing them to break, making the boat unique and irreplaceable comfort. The new Hybrid marine shock absorber does not have any components with welded details.

To guarantee maximum silence from our unique and patented shock absorber, all the internal components slide on anti-friction inserts with a perfectly axial movement that lasts over time.

The central elastomer increases the cushioning capacity, intervening in adverse weather conditions and is subsequently assisted, in the event of strong stresses, by the lateral elastomers which enhance its absorption capacity.

Patented like the others, they are a product that encompasses a set of fundamental aspects.

- Quality of the material
- Unique silence. 
- High modular cushioning capacity
- Its operation is not subject to alterations caused by low temperatures

Aspect not to be underestimated but to be underlined :
- Simplicity: An owner can easily carry out maintenance.

Its operation is not affected by alterations and is not affected by low temperatures. Work from -20° to +80°

Mooring springs are designed to reduce tension within mooring lines. It is the only technically valid system to decrease the sway of a boat when moored, ensuring its safety, by properly damping  the tension within the mooring lines, significantly decreasing the forces acting on the aft bollards e consequently creating a more stable and comfortable environment for the end user.

Important to emphasize

THE ELASTOMER ALONE CANNOT BE THE SOLUTION that determines a technically valid cushioning, since, being a   very rigid material, only very strong stresses and very high loads allow its compression .


The technical data sheets provide indications relating to the limits and parameters to be followed for choosing the right shock absorber for your boat.

1) Mooring springs cannot remain immersed in sea water for a long time without an anodic protection-sacrificial zincs, as well as, as a good rule, those used on propeller shafts.

In the absence of this observance, THE SPRING WILL, in a short time, BE SUBJECT TO FORMS OF LOCALIZED CORROSION  (see definition and list of types of "localized corrosion" on the internet or as indicated by the retailer)

2) Do not use mooring chains which, immersed in sea water, are excellent conductors of galvanic currents-stray currents, but use suitable ropes and shackles in stainless steel.

In the absence of this observance, THE SPRING WILL, in a short time, BE SUBJECT TO FORMS OF LOCALIZED CORROSION  (see definition and list of types of "localized corrosion" on the internet or as indicated by the retailer)

3)  For the correct evaluation of the mooring spring to purchase, consider the weight of the empty boat.

4)  When using for the first time, lubricate the guides and tie rods with marine spray grease.

5)  After 6 months check the state of wear of the anti-friction guides and lubricate them.

6) Check the tightness of the tie rod nuts after 12 months.

7) Check the wear of the anti-friction guides and if necessary replace and lubricate them.

The guarantee on the sale of consumer goods provided for by the Community Directive 1999/44/EC, also known as the "conformity guarantee", protects the buyer ONLY  in  the event that the products purchased present  defects in  conformity with the sales contract within 24 months of delivery date of the same.


Allow 3-5 business days for the order to ship. Due to current situation, some shipments and deliveries may be delayed for a few days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Mooring Spring MK-90
Mooring Spring MK-90


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