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Certec cylindrical inflatable fenders with cover

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Made of strong PVC. Every fender can be installed “vertically” or “horizontally” (3 fixing points at the top and one at the bottom). Every fender is delivered with removable cover. Guarantee: 1 year for all manufacturer defaults. With CERTEC fenders, space storage problems are solved and your boat will be equipped with the right number of the fender.
FENDERS MARKING: It customizes your fender and deters theft + 9.60 euro to each fender. Please, contact our assistants.

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Certec inflatable fenders are working on the low-pressure and high volume principle. This means that your fender should never be too much inflated.

Certec Inflatable fenders fabrication:

  • PVC 1100 deniers Same material as inflatable boats.
  • They are assembled by high-frequency welding technology.
  • Fixing points are made of ropes, in order to reduce potential damages and abrasion on the boat.
  • 3 fixing points at one extremity of the fenders on the cover (possibility of 3 fixing points on each extremity).
  • The fender material offers a high UV resistance. Every fender is submitting to a 24 hours test before delivery. 
Boat length Recommended diameter Recommended length
Below 17 feet - Below 5 m 15 cm 2/3 of the height
of the freeboard
17 to 25 feet – 5 to 7,5 m 25 cm 2/3 of the height
of the freeboard
25 to 32 feet - 7,5 to 9,6 m 25 cm – 30 cm 2/3 of the height
of the freeboard
32 to 40 feet - 9,6 to 12,6 m 25 cm - 30 cm - 35 cm 2/3 of the height
of the freeboard
40 to 99 feet - 12,6 to 30 m 30 cm - 35 cm - 50 cm 2/3 of the height
of the freeboard
More than 99 feet – More than 30 m 50 cm - 70 cm - 100 cm - 120 cm 2/3 of the height
of the freeboard

Maintenance and repair of the fenders / What are the traps?

  • Inflatable fenders are exposed to temperature variations.
  • A fender can get very hard under full sun and des-inflate when low-temperature.
  • It is good to adapt the internal pressure of each fender in front of temperature variation.
  • This point means that our fenders are well adapted for the boat with permanent people on board.
  • In case of loose of airtightness of your fender, please proceed to the following stapes:
    1. Remove the cover of the bladder.
    2. Location of the hole (cover your fender of soap-water and see where the bubbles are), then des-inflate your fender.
    3. Application of the repair kit (see option)
    4. Inflate your fender and test it 24 hours.


Allow 3-5 business days for the order to ship. Due to current situation, some shipments and deliveries may be delayed for a few days. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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