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A small thing, big difference! Unique chain connector. Anchor always in the right position.

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The Flip Swivel incorporates unique design features.

The Ultra Marine Flip Swivel is uniquely fabricated and connects the anchor and chain without the need for additional shackles. Fabricated from 316 stainless steel and hand polished for stunning presentation on the bow, the Ultra Marine Flip Swivel is uniquely strong and slimline and does not require lock pins or safety wires. The breaking strength of a swivel is typically higher than the connected chain and allows 30° rotation with complete 360° swivel.
The Ultra Marine Flip Swivel is fabricated with a unique flipping nub that assists the anchor in getting itself right-way-up onto the bow roller. Combined with the rotation and 360° ability, setting and recovering your anchor is now easier and safer. Hexagonal head locking bolts prevent the need for additional grub screws to secure the swivel pins.


Unique features:

  • One Piece Body: Fabricated (not cast) one-piece body ensures maximum strength. It is suitable to be used with most anchor types.
  • One Piece Head: Fabricated (not cast) one-piece swivel head (which includes the semi-spherical ball) ensures maximum strength.
  • Semi Spherical Ball: Self-cleaning and allows 360-degree swivel.
  • Hexagonal Head Bolts: Ensures locking bolt cannot release unintentionally.
  • TELFON (TEFLON Du Pont) O-Ring: Our internal TEFLON O-Ring stops metal friction occurring when under load providing low resistance and smooth operation.
  • Flip Nub: If the anchor is recovered up-side-down the flip nub will assist the anchor to correctly right itself onto the roller.
  • Rounded Corners: Avoid potential damage to contacted surfaces.
  • Throat Opening: The opening is especially suited to the chain size.
  • Specifications: The swivel chain size and breaking strength are recorded on the rear side of the swivel.
  • Warranty: All ULTRA Swivels are supplied with a standard three-year warranty.

The most advanced anchor swivel.

Well known swivel, a small part in complete anchoring system, but a big factor in the success of the whole anchor roll-up process. Our unique design assures your boat´s no damage, safe anchor´s operation and easy recovering on the bow roller. No matter the brand or type of anchor you use, you may absolutely trust our Ultra Flip Swivel design, delivering you smooth operation instantly with expected results.
As every Ultra Marine´s Product – it was designed with passion, experience and utmost care to every detail, with highest demands on materials used. No matter our products, you will find now or later, the Ultra Flip Swivel is a great start and relatively small investment - with such effect on something you have had spent much more.

RINA Certification.

We are pleased to inform you that our Ultra Flip Swivel has recently achieved RINA Certification.
This RINA Certification confirms the very high breaking, loads which we have been communicating in the past already. Now we have further confirmation of the superb quality of the Ultra Flip Swivels along with the ABS certification of our Ultra Anchors.
In light of this new certification and in order to communicate the functionality of the swivels more easily, we have decided to change the names of our Flip Swivels.

New coding explanation:


More information
  • RINA Test Certificate   DOWNLOAD
  • RINA-tested-Ultra-Flip-Swivels  DOWNLOAD
  • User guide (UK, FR, DE, IT, ESP, CRO, SLO, NED, RUS, POL)  DOWNLOAD
  • User guide (UK, SWE, FIN, NOR, PORT, HU, GR, DEN, BUL, RO)  DOWNLOAD
  • ULTRA Flip Swivel - Selection table and dimensions  DOWNLOAD


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