The aim is to sleep as well as in your own bed or even better. In order to achieve this you will need bed linen specifically designed for boats, because not any bed linen is valid for that.

Once you have good mattresses, which can be made to measure in some mattress shops, think about the bed linen you are going to use.


Always cotton: if we start with the bed sheets, they better be made of cotton in order to avoid being hot.

In Marine Business we offer elastic bed sheets made of 96% cotton and 4% elastane.

This fabric, dermatologically tested, makes the sheets feel soft and pleasant to the touch.

No wrinkles: our bed sheets, the fabric is elastic on both sides, which allows it to adapt perfectly to any cabin mattress with no wrinkles.

Also, the elastic bed sheets have an elastic rubber band around for extra support and less wrinkles.

Mesures: choose the size that adapts to your cabin bed or bunk bed. Them being elastic means they have 25% adaptability approximately.

Look: last but not least, choose the colour: blue, white or beige, depending on your style or how practical you are.

Tip for keeping your mattresses spotless: When winter arrives, or when your boat comes into dry dock, protect your mattresses and use sheets as mattress protectors. This will prevent dampness and staining of the mattresses when you leave things on them.