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Pilot 165 inflatable lifejacket with harness

Ref: 63429

Cruising & blue water sailing: rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N. Short on the chest with cutaway sides, the Pilot 165 is the best-seller of Plastimo lifejackets, the all-rounder that suits most recreational boating activities. 

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  • Buoyancy: Rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N (33 g CO² gas bottle).
  • With harness (ISO 12401 compliant): polyester webbing and 316L stainless steel buckles, to hook a tether. Also available in a no-harness version.
  • Ergonomic shape: short on chest and cutaway sides, rounded neck for superior comfort. Hardwearing and flexible outer shell with reflective piping. 
  • Visibility of inflated jacket: yellow air chamber + 300 cm² retro-reflecting tapes. Features a strap at shoulder level to secure a flashlight.
  • Backstrap, 40 mm polypropylene: ensures perfect body fit when lifejacket is inflated. 
  • Viewing window on Pro-Sensor models helps monitor the status of the firing mechanism. 
  • Grid patch on Hammar models accelerates the water entry to trigger the firing head quicker and ensure a prompt deployment of the air chamber.
  PILOT 165 N
 Recommended use  Cruising and intensive use.
 Comfortable and hard-wearing lifejacket. 
 Performance  Self-righting capacity: turns most wearers face-up within 5 seconds, even unconscious (equipped with a regular foul weather gear).
 Inflation/firing mechanism
  • CO2 gas cylinder (33 g on all adult-size lifejackets)
  • Tube for oral inflation, with non-return valve
  • Inflation mode: manual, automatic, automatic Pro-Sensor or hydrostatic Hammar.
  • Status monitoring on Pro-Sensor and Hammar models: red/green indicator shows clearly the firing mechanism status. 
 Air chamber  Totally independent air chamber, efficiently protected by the outer shell.
 Visibility when inflated

 Yellow chamber.
 300 cm2 retro-reflecting tapes. 
 Features a strap at shoulder height to secure a flashlight.

 Outer shell

 Ergonomically tailored: short cut on chest and curved sides for optimum comfort. Rounded comfortable neck. Hardwearing and soft material with reflective piping. 
 Viewing window on Pro-Sensor models to monitor the status of the firing mechanism. 
 Grid patch on Hammar models accelerates the water entry to trigger the firing head quicker and ensure a prompt deployment of the air chamber.

 Backstrap  Improved comfort and better body fit.
 40mm wide polypropylene webbing.  
 Waist strap 
  • With an EN ISO 12401 harness: 46 mm wide adjustable polyester webbing
  • Without a harness: 40 mm wide polypropylene webbing

 Standard size: for 60-130 cm waistline.
 XXL size: for 130-170 cm waistline. 

  • With an EN ISO 12401 harness: 316 L stainless steel buckles, non-magnetic.
  • Without a harness: buckles in composite material.
 Grab loop   Facilitates grabbing the casualty and hoisting him/her out of the water.
 25 mm wide polypropylene webbing. 
 Whistle  Secured with lanyard inside the lifejacket.
 Weight of lifejacket  As from 720 grammes  (manual, no harness model)

 Crutch strap: ref. 50524
 Choice of tethers, emergency lights and sprayhood.


Viewing window to monitor the status of the firing head : Pro-Sensor and Hammar inflation systems indicate visually the status of the firing head (green = lifejacket is operational). If the gas bottle is pierced or not properly tightened, the indicator turns red automatically.

Pro-Sensor inflation system : colour indicator shows the status of the firing head (green = operational).

Lifejacket with EN ISO 12401 harness : 46 mm polyester webbing and stainless steel buckles. Suitable for use with a tether.


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